In 2019, outbound tourism - travel for Czech Republic was 5,889 million current US dollars. Outbound tourism - travel of Czech Republic increased from 1,276 million current US dollars in 2000 to 5,889 million current US dollars in 2019 growing at an average annual rate of 9.03%.

The total expenditure of Czech tourists travelling abroad reached over 84 million Czech koruna in 2019. This followed on from the increasing trend over the last five years. 2019 growth showed at 1 %.

The largest expenditure of Czech tourists when traveling abroad in 2019 was accommodation, closely followed by boarding; Tourists spent approximately 20.7 billion Czech koruna on accommodation when traveling abroad. respectively.

The strong exchange rate of CZK versus EU and USD is making outbound travels more affordable. Indian Ocean is a significant destination to the Czech market and the more affluent and travelled citizens discovered the passion and joy of African adventures and more experiential travel.

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