The Rozhled project
We help disadvantaged people

The ROZHLED project (meaning “to gain perspective” in Czech) helps students to work on their strengths and create a career path they could follow. We organize educational workshops for them, help them to explore their visions, and provide career consultations.

Empowering socially disadvantaged young people and those from children’s homes is at the core of what the Nadání a Dovednosti Foundation does. These young people entering adulthood are one of the most vulnerable groups in the labour market in the Czech Republic.

Our project also connects youth with various companies and organizations in Czechia. Each participant visits at least three companies, based on his or her interests and passions. Students thus gain valuable insight into the work environment, learn about different positions, and their future possibilities.

Project runs twice a year and ensures an individual approach to participants. Every round of the project is designed for 20 participants aged between 17 to 21 years. Since 2012, more than 782 children from 67 children’s homes from the whole Czech Republic have joined the project. We have organized 18 rounds of the project so far. Join us in empowering socially disadvantaged young people and those from children’s homes to get a new perspective on life and help them with personal and career development.

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