Luxury Bloc Feedback

    Please tell us about your experience. Could you name 3 highlights for you from last week?

    Let’s get constructive. Please let us know what we should improve for next year.

    Some participants would like to get more free time or networking time rather than one-on-one meetings. What are your preferences?

    I would welcome less intense schedule with more free time to catch up with workI would welcome to have less meetings and more networking activitiesI prefer appointments with proper presentations over free networking as this is most efficientI don’t know the market well and prefer to have pre-scheduled meetings to meet as many buyers as possible

    Meeting what travel advisor/agency was the most productive to you?

    What travel advisor you would like to meet next time?

    Any feedback on the event’s venue?

    Could you give us a quote we could eventually use in our digital material?

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