Luxury Bloc Questionnaire

One destination we would need your advise is the Caribbean. Would you share your insights with us please and help us to grasp this destination in the right way? The Questionnaire will only take few minutes of your time, and you can rest assured your answers will be confidential and shown only as overall statistics.

    How many bookings have you confirmed to the Caribbean in the last year?

    Which Caribbean destinations do your clients visit most frequently?

    How many of your clients book high end accommodations in the Caribbean? (non all inclusive resorts, villas, uber luxury properties)

    What are the main reasons your clients choose the Caribbean?

    What types of luxury travel experiences are most popular among your clients in the Caribbean (e.g., spa resorts, golf, yacht charters)?

    Are there any challenges or obstacles that suppliers could help you solve? Any experience or attraction they could offer or add to make the region more appealing to travelers?

    Are your clients more interested in exploring the Caribbean, or relaxing in a resort without doing much?

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