My feedback cannot be more positive! You have been brave to carry on the Event in such a difficult time and the result was extremely successful. It's already on everyones' mouth and many colleagues are asking about the Show. I am sure the future editions will be equally successful and that Eastern Europe will become a must part of the luxury shows.

Going back to a one-to-one live meeting after the covid-19 emergency, has been exciting and pleasant at the same time and I loved the intimate size of the Show (we all truly hope that as happened in many Shows, with the growth of its success L/B can remain that nice "niche" Event you have created) ; many little actions (which makes the difference!!) like assisting us in looking for the appointment when in delay, sending leads and introductions, be able to meet everyone and create lovely and easy relations during the two days meetings time together, represents the main differences with many other Shows.

Thank you for this great opportunity.

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